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What Exactly is Dental Insurance Billing? 

Dental Billing

At Southtowne Technologies, we take the hassle out of obtaining dental insurance reimbursement. We are here to ensure that you receive 100% of your contracted reimbursement from 3rd party payers, regardless of the complexity of the claim. With your front desk focusing on direct patient contact, you can continue to provide the excellent dental care without the worries that come with 3rd party payment management. 

Simple steps- daily

Each batch of insurance claims is prepared to send

Supplementary claim material is gathered

All paper claims are printed and sent to insurance companies

All batched electronic claims are sent to insurance companies

Denied/rejected claims are constantly monitored and resolved

Insurance payments (EOB) with checks are inputted into clients office’s software directly through HIPAA approved connection


Our approach

Dental practices are plagued with a backlog of unpaid dental insurance claims that in most cases total to above $100,000. These insurance claims sit on the Insurance Aging Report becoming older and less likely to be collected.

Our one-on-one specialists monitor your insurance claims from creation to payment, ensuring maximum compensation for your hard work. By using the Insurance Aging Report, we dig through the excuses and denials of insurance companies. From employee turnover, national pandemics, or the elusive tactics of insurance companies, we’ve got you.

Insurance problem?

We have witnessed the problem of some insurance companies discontinuing or irregularly sending EOBs through the mail. What does this mean to you? Without special attention to your insurance aging report, claims can be denied for several months without being noticed. After a certain time period, the insurance company may refuse to pay. This can happen with no warning to you, affecting your bottom line. Due to our vigilance, all claims are accounted for and the fickle policies of insurance companies won’t affect your bottom line.

What we offer

With Southtowne Technologies, outsourcing is simple and communication is nearly constant. Your Southtowne Tech account manager and your office manager will have consistent weekly communication  as well as quarterly Zoom meetings. Weekly communication ensures your insurance collections are up-to-date and accurate. Quarterly meetings allow updates to be given, and goals to be set.

In addition, Southtowne Tech will provide an External Score Card, tracking fluctuations in trends, collections, and discrepancies. You will always have the necessary information to make complete business decisions.

Cost to you

Many of our competitors offer reasonable prices for their services, but ultimately stack hidden fees until their customers are buried in them. This doesn’t seem honest to us. Plain and simple, Southtowne Technologies does not have any hidden fees. We have a simple face-value percentage which has been competitively set.

This means that you get the best services at the best price. 

We do free consultations

We enable dental offices to collect as much as contracted from dental insurance companies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dental billing?

Dental billing is when someone or some people send claims to dental insurance companies, input the corresponding payments, and then follow up with any outstanding claim.

How Do I Know if Southtowne Technologies Is Right for Me?

If you are frustrated with dental insurance companies and how much you have to write off,  we are right for you. Dealing with insurance companies is hard work and takes time! Our account managers work tirelessly to ensure that all that is rightfully owed to you from insurance will be paid. We understand that choosing to outsource is a big decision, so feel free to email, text, or call for more detailed information and pricing.

What size of dental practice do you work with?

We work with any size dental practice. However most of our experience has been with moderately sized offices ranging from $1 to $2 million dollars in revenue per year. 

How much will it cost my office?

We understand that there are other companies that do dental billing with many additional services offered. However at Southtowne Tech, our goal is not to take your employees jobs but to alleviate a huge stress on the whole office. That’s why we have fairly chosen a percentage of a practice’s insurance collection that we feel accurately represents our specialization of claim submittal and payment. If you would like to know the exact percent, contact us, we are more than willing to tell you. 

How does it work?

Through HIPAA-compliant, networked computers (or through your cloud based software), Southtowne Technologies provides direct assistance to your front desk. To establish and maintain a solid relationship, you will have an insurance specialist specifically assigned to your account. This will allow you to create a personal, effective connection with Southtowne Technologies as well as allow your front desk team to focus solely on your patient’s experience. As a result, office revenue will increase while the headaches and stress of running your practice will decrease.






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