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Southtowne Technologies

How Dr. Todd Sutton, D.D.S. turned his dental billing problem into a solution. 

Todd Sutton – My Story

I have been a dentist for 25 years, so I know what the stress of ownership is like. Over the years, I have seen fluctuations in my Insurance Aging Report depending on the front desk I hire and their experience, honesty, and dedication. Oftentimes, more immediate concerns crowd out the front desk’s ability to deal with insurance hassles. 

I wanted to fix this problem, without needing to lose jobs in my office. Creating Southtowne Technologies was liberating for my front desk employees as well as for me. I trust our account manager to do whatever is necessary to bring in what is contracted to me. This has alleviated stress in my office, and given more opportunity to focus on the patients.

“I founded Southtowne Technologies to calm the anxiety of dental practice owners!”

Why Work With Us?

Trained Insurance Specialists

Southtowne Tech trains and hires account managers to never be afraid to be on the phone for hours in order to get what is contracted. They are trained in dental terminology and procedures. They are trained to work with your front office staff so there is continuity from your office to ours, and back again. 

Efficient Customer Service

We do not have levels of bureaucracy. This means that if you have a problem that your account manager cannot solve, you can talk straight with me. We will be able to come up with a solution. You matter to us not only as a health professional but as a business professional.

Small Town Care

Our offices are located in Lander, Wyoming. This does not limit with whom we may work because everything goes through remote, HIPAA-approved connections. We have small-town charm resulting in genuine care and consideration of our clients. Learn more about the formal communication standards we keep on our Services page under What We Offer.

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